Positive Reinforcement / Clicker Training is like gardening… you start by preparing your soil (getting your horse physically healthy and reduce their pain/anxiety/stress) so that when you plant seeds they have a chance to take root.

Then you spend time watering and giving the seeds time to sprout all while seeing very little progress (charging the clicker, learning basics like targeting and pay for position).

Then with time and care, you have baby plants growing and depending on what seeds you sowed, you might get something flashy or something that isn’t much to look at but will bear fruit later.

I think this is part of the challenge, to plant a few things that bring you joy now & a few things that will produce bigger fruit with time. Working on core movements are more like planting tomatoes, it takes patience to keep them going to fruition, but it’s sooo worth the effort.

And then there’s the bonus wild flowers that pop up in your fertile soil. You don’t know when or where they’re going to sprout, but if you learn to keep an eye out for their shoots, you can let them grow into beautiful flowers that add to your garden of behaviors;) Offered behaviors like turns, spins, laying down, collected gaits— These are the wildflowers just waiting to grow if we don’t kill them when they first appear. Work on errorless learning with your horse and see how beautiful your garden of behaviors are after you give them time to grow ???????